PDF Converter, Reader & Editor – An IOS app to deal PDF documents

Today, everyone struggles hard when they want to go beyond PDF format boundaries. Undoubtedly, PDF is one of the best and most versatile formats to consider when dealing with documents and files in an official setting. It can make the work easy, fast, and secure. But there exist some drawbacks that urge the need to use an online PDF Management app.

Well! There can be many tools, apps, and software programs that you can consider having on your mobile and PC. But what if you hold a MacOS device and need to convert, read, or edit your PDF on the go? Well, here where PDF Converter, Reader & Editor comes in handy. Read on to know more about this app to add ease to your life.

An Overview Of PDF Converter, Reader & Editor App

How straightforward the name of this application seems. It hints that it can help people edit, convert, and read PDFs on the go. But you might get amazed after knowing that this app can do more than this to make your work and life easy. Generally, it is an AI-powered application that holds several features to help you deal with a PDF. This covers JPG to PDF or PDF to JPG, PDF to Word, Word To PDF, Locking PDF files, Zip your files, etc. Best of all, it holds multi-lightening fast technology that makes the process pretty smooth and fast. It is a productive solution that allows you to view, edit, convert, and manage PDF documents on iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.


PDF Converter, Reader & Editor App


Features Of PDF Converter, Reader & Editor App

So, as you have learned what this app is about, let’s talk about the features it offers to us. Of course, we have tried and tested this app before spreading the word through this post, and after making sure that it would fit in all settings for PDF needs, we have introduced it to you all. Below, we have mentioned some features that this app offers – so you can evaluate how useful this app can be.

Convert PowerPoint slides to PDF

One of the best features of this PDF file converter application is that it helps people convert PowerPoint slides to PDF. Most of the time, we create a project in the form of slides that we have to share with the people collaborating in a team. At such a moment, we might face a situation in which we protect the layout and confidential material – so that no one can duplicate, move, or change the data shared. Well! This PDF converter can be the best one to help you convert PowerPoint Slides to PDF so you can get this job done on the go.

Add watermarks to your PDF documents.

Securing your PDFs is very important, but adding your credits or brand name is also crucial when standing apart among others. Watermarking your PDF documents can be the best option to consider. However, many apps and programs can let you make this happen. But unfortunately, they ask you to pay a required amount or at least want you to follow some strict rules. Of course, no one has time for this. And that’s the reason to mention this application over here. It doesn’t want its users to go through any hassles. It can get this job done in seconds.

Locking PDF files

What if you want to lock your PDF files – so that no one can duplicate or reuse them? Of course, at such a moment, you will require a software program, tool, or app to get this task done. However, using PDF Converter, Reader & Editor Application can help you a lot in locking PDF files. The good news is the process of doing this is also pretty simple. Just drag and drop, and the app will handle the rest.

Make PDFs Editable

Imagine a situation where you desire to make your PDF editable to add or subtract some particular data. You are in a rush, and you have no facility to waste time finding that Word doc to recreate the PDF file. At such a moment, making a PDF editable in itself would be an ideal option. You can use this app to help you make your PDF files editable in a mere time.

How To Use This Converter, Reader & Editor App

Generally, you can use this application and all the features by following almost the same process. You need to install this PDF converter app on your phone or pad. Drag the PDF file that you wish to convert, edit, or read. After, select the preferred option regarding the quality and working modes. And at last, hitting the completion button. Once you do that, you can have the desired results within instants without any disputes.

End Words

So, readers, this has proven that this PDF converter editor and reader application is one of the best ones to help manage PDF free and quickly. Believe it or not! Dealing with PDFs can sometimes become overwhelming. So, when the situation shows up, head on to this app without a second thought.

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