Unlock iPhone 4S GSM iOS 5.1.1 with Gevey Ultra S

Unlock iPhone 4S GSM iOS with Gevey Ultra S Apple has pushed iOS and so on then comes the fantastic news for Appleberry has supported by using its official Twitter accounts that GEVEY Ultra S which is employed on iOS also can unlock iPhone 4S on iOS 5.1.1 firmware.

Unlock iPhone 4S GSM iOS 5.1.1 with Gevey UltraS
Unlock iPhone 4S GSM iOS 5.1.1 with Gevey UltraS

The iOS 5.1.1 upgrade does not merely attract a couple of bug fixes and developments additionally, it makes iPhone 4S jail-break tougher but as a result of its Gevey Ultra SIM that user may uncover their iPhone 4S onto i-OS 5.1.1 without any jailbreaking.

Please bear in your mind that Gevey Ultra S can be an unlocking resolution for iPhone 4S which lets you utilize SIM card in any carrier onto your own iPhone 4S. However, It’s not a Jailbreak alternative so you Can’t conduct any Jail-break tweak or a program like SBSettings, Winterboard as well as others

AppleNBerry also has said that Ultra S could uncover iOS 5.1.1 on GSM iPhone 4S only. CDMA iPhone unlocking with Gevey Ultra S necessitates your own iPhone to become jailbroken that isn’t readily available for iOS 5.1.1 yet.

The actual simple fact that the Gevey Ultra S may unlock GSM iPhone 4S, with no requirement of a jailbreak, is actually a massive benefit to plenty of fresh unlockers, because users may gain from the most current iOS even when there isn’t any jailbreak designed because of it.

For those who have a GSM iPhone 4S and curious in Gevey Ultra S, then you can buy that the GEVEY Ultra S out of $39.99 out of AppleNBerry on the webshop.

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