StrymTV app provides live TV on iOS and Apple TV

StrymTV app provides live TV on iOS and Apple TV. Import unlimited distant and neighborhood M3U playlists for your iOS apparatus and get within 40 Live TV channels offered in the USA at no cost. The built-in media player provides multiple capabilities.

What is StrymTV

The sole drawback is that StrymTV shows advertisements before launching the chosen station.

StrymTV app provides live TV on iOS and Apple TV
StrymTV app provides live TV on iOS and Apple TV

StrymTV affirms both the builtin M3U playlist however, you might also play with your own flows. From app preferences you may permit the desktop playback letting you follow your music or audio streams while using other apps or with the display off.

Other attributes packaged using the app comprise the choice to upgrade distant playlists automatically, handle your M3U playlists effortlessly in your iOS apparatus, edit and see nearby playlist content, put in any station or flow to a favorites list for fast access, and perform edit newly played streams.

Additionally, StrymTV app may play with any flow by launching strymtv://player/VIDEO LINK at an internet browser or connecting support. There’s also available a choice to flow the station to a TV linked to Apple TV. For the second just display, mirroring can be obtained by StrymTV Settings you may even trigger playback when using mobile data, empower PiP (picture in picture) mode letting you navigate from the app during playback.

Steps How to Download & install StrymTV on iOS? (StrymTV app)

StrymTV is an IPTV participant available for download in the official AppStore. Insert the official StrymTV M3U listing to see your favorite Channels. The application will probably be not revoked.

  • Install StrymTV out of AppStore.
  • Open the app from the house display.
  • Insert the official StrymTV IPTV listing ( by tapping on the + button.
  • View all Live Occasions and Channels.

The IPTV player includes infinite flowing, unlimited playlists, contemporary native layout. And a choice to pause play and rewind features. There’s also a choice to take screenshots with StrymTV.

TV channels | StrymTV app

To generate StrymTV function we will need to bring a playlist. First, browse into this StrymTV Playlist Manager tapping the button. Once you import the listing of Channels URL browse to the principal window. Harness on the chosen channel to begin streaming.

  • IPTV Channels:
  • Cinema Channels:
  • CCTV Channels:
  • Radio Channels:
  • Faith Channels:
  • Lust Channels:
  • Arabic IPTV Cinema:
  • Spanish IPTV Cinema:
  • Japanese IPTV Cinema:
  • German IPTV Cinema:
  • French IPTV Cinema:
  • Italian IPTV Cinema:
  • Portuguese IPTV Cinema:


Model 1.0.1

Enhanced stability, functionality, and consumer expertise.

More channels and films Picture camera Popcornwill accessible shortly.

Bug repairs.

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