How to Use SAM Unlock Activation Ticket to Unlock iPhone

How to Use SAM Unlock Activation Ticket to Unlock iPhone. Apple has mended the SAM activation procedure to unlock the iPhone. But in the event that you were proactive enough to unlock your iPhone with SAM and also have backup your SAM activation ticket, then you also are able to unlock your iPhone on almost any prospective iOS upgrade with no situation.

How to Use SAM Unlock Activation Ticket to Unlock iPhone
How to Use SAM Unlock Activation Ticket to Unlock iPhone

In case you are one of the blessed iPhone users who’ve unlocked and copy their SAM unlock Activation tickets, then it is simple to rekindle those SAM tickets also unlock iPhone in the event that you’ve to renew or upgrade your iPhone for all reason.

When you’ve unlocked your own i-phone on almost any unofficial SIM with SAM unlock, then copy your SAM activation ticket today, when you haven’t done so.


As a way to unlock your iPhone with this system, you must possess your supported up lockdown folder after unlocking SAM.

Your iPhone has to be jailbroken as a way to unlock iPhone with backed-up SAM activation ticket. iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak guides are all linked at the end.

Following jailbreak, your iPhone has to be triggered either with official carrier sim card or even using SAM.
Should you satisfy the aforementioned criteria, then follow the steps below how to make use of SAM unlock activation ticket to unlock your iPhone on almost any iOS.

How To Use SAM Unlock Activation Ticket

The Way To Utilize SAM Unlock Activation Ticket.

We assume you have up your backed lockdown folder on the market. When it is really a .zip file, then pull on it to find the lockdown folder. Add your un-official SIM you had unlocked with SAM activation.

  •  The first thing that you require is a filesystem explorer application. IExplorer is really a completely free iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch file explorer app. Download and set up iExplorer:
  • Download iExplorer for either Windows or Mac
    Join your I-phone for your pc;
    When you’ve SAM installed, then it is time to disable SAM (Settings > SAM > Harness Enabled toggle to disable manually)
  •  Back in iExplorer, browse into another directory: var/root/Library
    Click the Lockdown folder and then select Delete;
  •  Now drag and click the lockdown folder (you simply backed up after ripping with SAM) into the var/root/Library directory.
  • Notice: In case your lockdown activation token is now within a .zip format that you’ll want to extract it again and rename the folder into lockdown.
  • Today in the Event That You browse to var/root/Library/ / Lock-down directory, then you need to view these files there:
    pair_recoards pm pm
  • Today Power Away from your iPhone so when it stinks, you ought to observe the signal pubs. That is it!
  • You’ve successfully revived your SAM activation ticket and also have unlocked your own iPhone.

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