How to Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp for iPhone

How to Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp for iPhone and update. WhatsApp has come to be among the very popular messaging solutions that enable its customers to send text messages, pictures, videos and discuss place, make video and audio calls, and also do other things over and net link. The social networking service has crossed 800 million active consumers.

How to Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp for iPhone
How to Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp for iPhone

With such a massive user-base, the consumers also look for distinct privacy attributes like the way to conceal last seen standing from WhatsApp. WhatsApp permits you to conceal Last seen standing not just from all your contacts, but you could also decide to hide last noticed from particular contacts without obstructing them.

So what’s conceal Last Discovered in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp indicates a timestamp directly beneath the title of its WhatsApp user that tells if the user is currently online or was seen at a specific time and date. The service enables its customers to conceal which timestamp from many users or by the ones that are unknown. WhatsApp enables three configurations for the Previous Seen status:

Everybody: The final observed information will probably be visible to everybody.

My connections: Your last viewed on WhatsApp status will probably be visible to individuals that are in your mailing list.

No One: Your final observed WhatsApp timestamp won’t be visible to anybody, make it a touch of yours or even an unknown individual.

No more desire your contacts to keep tabs on your WhatsApp online standing? It is possible to either fully conceal past seen timestamp onto iPhone to avoid other people from finding the previous time when you reside on WhatsApp or conceal it from particular contacts just too.

Do not stress, hiding last observed standing on WhatsApp is quite simple and you are able to adjust the settings depending on your liking. WhatsApp permits you to allow everyone or your buddies to see your final seen standing. And, if you would like to close the door completely, there’s an alternative for that also.

How To Hide Last Found in WhatsApp on iPhone

If You Would like to conceal WhatsApp last noticed the timestamp in your iPhone, then simply follow these steps under:

  • Go into the Settings menu at the bottom right corner.
  • Click on Accounts.
  • Tap on Privacy.
  • Click On Last Seen.
  • You can now either opt to demonstrate your Last observed standing to”Everybody My Contacts or even”nobody” By default, everybody is chosen. Select“Nobody” to conceal your final Seen standing from everybody else on WhatsApp.

The best way to conceal Last Seen standing from particular WhatsApp Contact

Imagine if you conceal your Last Seen WhatsApp standing from particular individuals just Employing these measures you’ll have the ability to conceal last observed timestamp from particular contacts without obstructing them WhatsApp. And the very best thing is you’ll continue to have the ability to see their past seen standing whilst concealing yours.

  • Go into the Settings menu at the bottom right corner.
  • Go into the Accounts.
  • Click on Privacy.
  • Tap On Last Seen.
  • This will present your WhatsApp action timestamp to individuals that are in your own WhatsApp contacts listing.
  • To conceal your past seen standing from particular folks, all you have to do would be to delete them in the WhatsApp contact listing. That is it that certain person will not have the ability to see your final noticed timestamp.

That is it, people! This is the way you may add a little bit of solitude layer into a WhatsApp profile. What do you think about WhatsApp’s Last Seen standing attribute?

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