Enable ATTI Mode in Mavic 2 with DJI Assistant 1.1.2

Enable ATTI Mode in Mavic 2. Expected to pass on up a flight exam for commercial drone permits or only if you wish to turn into a better drone pilot. Automagically, Mavic 2 does not offer you a choice to modify to DJI Attitude mode but using an easy fix, we can empower Mavic two Atti Mode (works on both the Professional and Zoom variant).

What is ATTI mode?

DJI ATTI Mode Represents Attitude style. It suggests that Mavic two will put in its upright position, nonetheless nevertheless, it is going to float with the end because it isn’t or can’t utilize GPS to put up its flat location. This feature is employed to fly rooms without any GPS or examine drone pilot skils.

Enable ATTI Mode in Mavic 2
Enable ATTI Mode in Mavic 2

Be Careful when utilizing ATTI mode as your drone won’t put in place and it’s a great deal more challenging to allow it to blot stable. In emergency cases, your experience at flying in this manner are the crucial point if you get success or failure in a mission.

Please Bear in mind that at the ATTI manner all crash protection is OFF!

How to enable ATTI Mode in Mavic 2 Drone?

Old DJI Assistant 1.1.2 also can alter Mavic’s two flight manners. Download DJI Assistant 1.1.2 for Windows or Mac.

  • EnableDeveloper Tools.
  • Activate Windows.
  • Open In text-editor that the main.js document located in the setup folder Program Documents \ DJI Product\ DJI Assistant \Appfiles. Re-Open that the DJI Assistant 1.1.2 program.
  • Storage → document://,
  • Change the crucial value debug into Inch.
  • Value authentic.
  • Join the DJI Mavic two into the Computer with the USB cable.
  • Navigate to the Parameters section.
  • In Index section type in filter switch.
  • Change g_config_control_control_mode[inch ] significance from 8 to 3.

Editing This respect will vary upon the Mavic 2 control the ideal switch posture sport-mode setting (style [1]) into ATTI style. I’d advise doing this way because ATTI manner it is a lot easier to specify as the S mode and slipping to trigger GPS is significantly more suitable.

On This listing, we can easily see also an option for manner [0] which stands to get the tripod switch position (left) and style [two ] for standard manner” P” called Position Mode together with GPS (center).

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